Antwain A Thomas


ITM Group, Global Project Management & Financial

Engineering Advisor

ITM (US) Board of Advisors


A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Antwain Thomas served on two air Craft carriers as Information Systems Technician, with the duty of maintaining U.S. and Japanese communication networks, providing technology services to military customers and protecting IT assets from enemies of the state.  In February 2002, Rear Admiral Kunkle of Carrier Strike Force 7th Fleet awarded Thomas a U.S. Naval Letter of Commendation for this work on the USS Kitty Hawk in Yokosuka, Japan.

While overseas, he began the process of creating the concept of “Legion Inc.”, a business idea that would redefine his purpose in life and return him to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.  Following his Navy service, Thomas graduated from Tri-C’s esteemed RAT (Recording Arts & Technology) program with an Associate  of Applied Science degree in Recording Arts & Technology, specializing in  Music BusinessTour ManagementIT, and Small Business Management.

Mr. Thomas is now in his final year at The Elliot School of International Affairs, George Washington University, in Washington, D.C., pursuing his Bachelor's degree (2017) in International Affairs with a focus on Security Policy.  He plans to continue his education towards an Executive MBA in Cyber Security.

Thomas is President Emeritus of the GW Private Equity and Venture Capital Club, a professional business association that supports and engages its members in providing education about Private Equity and Venture Capital industries, facilitating career and job placement and exposing the student body to the financial community at large. He belongs to several national organizations focused on finance, including The Oxford Club, The Sovereign Society, The Palm Beach Letter, and Forbes Inc.’s The World Money Show. 

In August 2016, Thomas was elected as Special Council for DPOUSA in Washington D.C.  DPOUSA is a financial platform providing client companies the opportunity to have 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year visibility to a base of accredited investors and financial institutions.

Active in national politics, Thomas works with the Ohio House of Representatives under Rep. John Barnes Jr. on matters of Economic Development and International Business. He is involved in the military community in Washington DC as a member of GW Veterans, an organization that fosters a supportive environment for student veterans and works with veteran business organizations to enhance the focus on veteran entrepreneurs and their potential for business success. He is also member of AMVETS and is the National U.S. Navy Representative & CFO of The Presidential Culinary Museum and Presidential Service Center.

Upon completing his first year at The George Washington University, Thomas accepted an invitation from ITM Chairman/CEO Jack Craciun III to intern with ITM to better prepare himself for the challenges of being a global business professional.  As a student of global business with a global cross cultural exchange business developer, Antwain spent valuable time working with ITM in its (wholly owned) multifaceted The First Dragon™ Ltd. Global Cross Cultural Exchange Enterprise, Multi-release News and Social Media, Intellectual Property and Consumer Product Licensing, Branding and Merchandising Enterprise.  As a result of his internship, Thomas was appointed to the advisory board of ITM (US) Ltd. as their ITM (US) Global Project Management & Financial Engineering Advisor.

An ITM/Legion Inc. Strategic Alliance has been formed to foster the growth of the cross-cultural exchange branding platform using ITM's global business model to launch Thomas’s global enterprise, Legion Inc. Through this Alliance, Thomas will utilize Legion and their exceptional resources to further develop Western and Eastern cultures and their use of resources by contributing to the global gateways and platforms ITM has developed over forty-five years of highly successful Cross Cultural Exchange enterprises. 

Thomas is a Founder / Director for Veteran Affairs and Social Services for The First Dragon Foundation™ Ltd., a 501(c)3 non-profit entity focused on international educational programs, student exchange and scholarships, as well as promoting global cross-cultural programs designed to celebrate and support veterans of the U.S. Military and their history of global sacrifice which has created prosperity and freedom for people all over the world.

Through the ITM/Legion Inc. Strategic Alliance, Thomas is President of The First Dragon Publishing™ Ltd. and will provide the administration and management of The First Dragon Foundation™ Ltd., The First Dragon Publishing™ Ltd., all ITM proprietary intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents, and all intellectual property license rights negotiations.


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