Zhi "Jim" Li Yong


ITM (China) Ltd, Founder, COA & China Business

Development Advisor

ITM (US) Board of Advisors


Jim Zhi began working with ITM in 1991 when he first met Jack Craciun III, Chairman/CEO of ITM (China), in the new developing city of Shenzhen in South-East China. They were introduced by ITM associate Qi, “David” Da Hui, one of China’s most outstanding young men.  At that time, Jim specialized in art and graphic design with a focus on merging Chinese and Western cultures to deliver new cross cultural branding concepts to significant communication industries throughout China’s three centers of government and enterprise, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Because of their similar character traits to protect and care for each person’s Spirit and interests to succeed, which also are exemplified by the ITM Group’s global entrepreneurial business model, and the mutual respect and loyalty earned and shared during the last three decades of mentoring among Jack Craciun III, Bi “Pat” Io Weng, ITM Managing Director and himself, Jim readily accepted their invitation to become the Chief Operating Advisor of all ITM business affairs in China.  

In 1995, Mr. Craciun returned home to Cleveland to celebrate the opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, an important part of his broadcasting and event production legacy with Rock Hall Founder, Hank LoConti of the Cleveland Agora, the number one rock concert club in the world.  At the same time, Jim Zhi’s entrepreneurial drive exploded.  Coupled with his brand of multi-cultural business knowhow, he was spirited to establish a successful investment company.  His first clients included ITM (China) mainland affiliations, advertising agencies, auto parts manufacturers and distributors, pharmaceutical/chemical companies, and crude oil equipment, drilling, and field operations. 

China’s industrial and medical expansion was advanced by Jim’s vast and evolving network of proven Chinese and US nation builders and it moved him into the real estate industry in 2001.  In 2006, Jim created new employment and job opportunities for many people in China when he established a medical management team that developed new medical information technology systems, hospital custodian systems, medical equipment rental opportunities, and hospital management training programs. In 2009, adding to his group of companies, Jim entered into the oil field development and drilling business in northern China.

Jim is known throughout China as a business developer and mentor who achieves success by managing his and his associates’ affairs with a special example of entrepreneurial character traits anchored in integrity and honesty.  Jim is a first son of China’s seed of reform delivered to its people by its leader Deng Xiao Ping’s “Open Door Policy” and its globally impacting Chinese economic reform and Socialist market economy  policies.


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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