Li Weizhen


Chinese Culture, Financial Engineering & Investment Advisor

ITM (US) Board of Advisors


Born and raised in Shanghai, a fast-paced metropolitan city in east China, Weizhen is inherently creative and has a fascination in art.  Learning sketch and the art of aquarelle in his youth, he won second prize in the Dragon Boat Festival painting contest.  Some of his paintings were also admitted as illustrations in a local encyclopedia.  With a background and foundation in art, he loves to utilize his creativity and imagination in his work, doing things in a different way.

After a decade of intense study and competition against peers, Weizhen managed to stand out in the Chinese National College Entrance Exam and was admitted to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, one of the most prestigious business schools in China.  At college he proved his creativity again, becoming the head of the publications department for the Badminton Society, one of the university’s largest sport societies.  Although majoring in International Economics and Trade, Weizhen devoted to time gaining knowledge in Finance and passed the CFA level 1 exam in 2014.

Weizhen also spent time gaining internship and work experience in various financial institutions in China. He interned in the Bank of America’s Shanghai office and was responsible for bank statement reconciliations.  He also worked in the Jielv Wealth Management firm where he recommended real estate entrusted loans to potential clients. In addition, he joined MSH Health Insurance as a reimbursement auditor.

Spending the first two decades of his life in his Shanghai homeland, Weizhen realized the dragon is destined to fly and he needed to open his eyes to the greater world.  He chose the United States as the destination, aiming to further his education and, of course, advance to Wall Street.  He came to Cleveland, where he obtained his master’s degree in Finance at Case Western Reserve University.

During his studies at Case, Weizhen was impressed by advanced analytic technologies in equity and derivatives he had never seen in China.  He decided to enhance his knowledge in finance with a better understanding of computer technology. As knowledge alone, however, is not enough to achieve greatness, (just as the Chinese saying goes), Weizhen also started a stock account upon arriving in the United States. Perfecting himself with both academic knowledge and practical experience, Weizhen is preparing himself for his future.

Chance favors only the prepared mind. It was in a small Chinese restaurant in Cleveland’s Chinatown where Weizhen first met Jack Craciun III, Chairman/CEO of ITM (China) Ltd. and ITM (US) Ltd.  The life-changing encounter pulled both men together, forming an unbreakable alliance.  After further due diligence and study of ITM and “The First Dragon™” Global Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange Enterprise and the educational and human enhancement cross cultural exchange pursuits of The First Dragon Foundation™ Ltd.  Weizhen decided to work with ITM to deliver his creativity, passion and knowledge of Chinese culture to further ITM’s interest to spread the greatness of Chinese culture globally through education and entertainment.

As a vested member of The First Dragon™ Ltd. Board of Advisors, Weizhen also serves as its Financial Engineering & Investment Advisor.


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