John Stevens


Producer, Composer and Business Development Advisor


Mr. John Stevens has established himself as a world renowned music composer, producer and music imaging writer in commercial applications. His 25 years of experience in the audio media and entertainment industry includes playing guitar with artists in studio and on stage, producing commercial radio content for XM Satellite Radio and their clients and composing original works, sound tracks and direct to market audio communications individually and collectively.

John embarked on his career from his home in Northeast Ohio during the mid to late 1980’s. He was an integral mechanism in the development of his band’s repertoire of songs. It was quickly apparent that his talent was inherent and had a great depth and breath. His innate understanding of music from its origination in notes, tones and harmony allowed him to become a leader in the group’s creation of music.

In 2001, John’s building career was gaining recognition both nationally and internationally. His reputation as a first class, hard hitting and market targeted composer caught the attention of the Executives in, what was at that time a fledgling radio delivery system, XM Satellite Radio. He was recruited in the grass roots developments stage to create audio that would capture the minds of the targeted demographic in Rock and Roll. During his tenure with XM Satellite Radio, John’s talents elevated him to Production Director/In House Composer for many of the channels associated with a Rock and Roll and Motorsports focus throughout the XM broadcast group. XM Radio continued to utilize John’s talent in multiple genres of Artist relations, marketing, promotions, imaging orchestration and score production. During his nearly one decade of service and as his profile increased within the XM family, he became a sought after point person to identify, implement and compose targeted music imaging for both small and large scale campaigns and event production.

John’s reputation for music composition, production and imaging gained international acclaim with insiders in the music, media and entertainments industries, leading him to become associated with high profile clients. His client list includes musical score library providers globally, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Danika Patrick, Jimmy Johnson, NASCAR, Michael Andretti, General Motors/Digitas and more.

In 2005, while working with XM Radio, John’s career came to include a founding relationship and member in an emerging Rock and Roll band. He wrote, produced and mixed their premier and follow up albums, which catapulted them to international recognition through touring, radio and media. Among the songs written and produced by John, were several works that came to be licensed for large screen Motion Pictures, home Video Games and other product imaging and branding applications. John’s talent continues to be chosen and tapped by individual, corporate, entertainment, media and business clients for orchestration of custom pieces with commercial marketing applications.

In 2012, John was introduced to Mr. Jack Craciun III, Chairman and CEO, ITM(China), ITM (US), The First Dragon and The First Phoenix through Jackie Bertolette, ITM Group Art and Design Director. As John became more educated on the focus of the company and it’s Strategic Alliances, he came to know that his talent would be a perfect fit to elevate the First Dragon and it’s First Dragon Suite of music. John accepted the offer to join ITM, bringing his more than 25 years of music composition experience to the position of ITM Producer, Composer and Business Development Advisor.


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