David Merriam


Vocalist / Music Production Advisor


David Merriam is a performing artist in two categories, music and acting.  Originally from Houston, Texas, he has a long standing background in the music industry, as front man, songwriter, and lead vocalist. His musical influence is founded in hard hitting Rock and Roll and his vocal range is full scale. David is well known as a versatile singer with a solid vocal quality that delivers all genres, from smooth harmonic lines to gritty, “in your face” crescendos.

David’s career in music and acting was written long before he was born. His family of accomplished instrumentalists and singers has defined his destiny.  His great uncle played clarinet with The John Philip Sousa band back in the 1920’s and 30’s.  His grandmother was a concert pianist and opera singer. His father and brother are also accomplished professional musicians.

Surprisingly, David is not your average starving-artist. He is a business-owner and accomplished entrepreneur.  His father instilled in him the importance of achieving financial security while pursuing his dreams. At the age of 27, he started his own insurance agency, which he still operates to this day.

David’s musical journey has put him in the forefront as a sought after vocalist, and he has toured extensively into rock clubs, festivals and arenas for more than two decades.  His repertoire includes the release of five original CD’s featuring selections of his original song writings in the Rock arena. With a distinctive vocal sound, David has been tapped to front an array of bands, both live and in-studio, and he has worked with many well respected musicians, bands, and artists.

David also has enjoyed unique opportunities to highlight his talents by being featured on The Big Rock Show with Tina Peek. He released two video games on Rockband 3 for XBox360 and PS2, and his band, Before Nine, had the honor of being chosen by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of the legendary rock band, KISS, to open for their show in David’s hometown of Houston, Texas.

Most recently, David has been working in the movie industry as an actor and a stand-in, with the likes of Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Bruce Willis, Nick Cage, and Danny Glover.  Sought out for radio and television interviews, David has become accustomed to the media spotlight.  Along the way his work has gained growing and continued recognition among his industry peers, leaders, and a great number of Rock fans.

It was John Stevens, the world renowned music composer, producer and musician, XM Satellite Radio’s, Production Director / In-House Composer, and ITM and The First Dragon™ Ltd., Music Composer, 

Director, who brought Merriam to the attention of ITM (China) Ltd. & ITM (US) Ltd. Chairman, broadcast & entertainment industry veteran, Jack Craciun III and Darren Anthony, ITM Group and The First Dragon™ Ltd., Producer, Production Director, Lyricist, and Performer.

When Merriam recognized the global significance of The First Dragon™ Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange, the value of its intellectual property, the branding influences of its phantasmagoria of unique Literature, Fine Art, Calligraphy, and Music, and the opportunity to join forces musically with ITM to enhance the human condition around the world in real terms, he immediately established a mutual relationship that has enhanced the essence of cultural integrities and Rock & Roll Spirit sought after by ITM.

In December 2012, David accepted the invitation to join ITM and sing for the coveted “The First Dragon Suite Music,” the first of three albums that tell the birth story and evolution of Chinese Culture while merging the Rock Culture of “The Rock & Roll Capital of the World” Cleveland, Ohio with Chinese instrument and music influences.  The three albums deliver a new brand of Spirit & Energy featuring a Rock & Roll “musical ‘cross cultural’ exchange” never before felt or heard.


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