Mark DeJohn


ITM (US) Consumer Product Division Board of Advisor

ITM (US) Product & Licensing Sales Advisor


Mark DeJohn attended Mayfield High School in Cleveland, Ohio and studied Business, Entrepreneurship and Humanities at Cleveland State and Ohio University. While completing his studies in Business Industry Administration at Cleveland State University, Mark entered the Telecommunications & Energy industry by launching his first entrepreneurial endeavor with ACN, Inc. He was responsible for building and leading a direct sales & marketing force of more than 1,000 direct sales agents spanning the North American and European markets.

In 2004, Mark successfully sold his first company with ACN Inc. and entered his second entrepreneurial endeavor with Xango LLC, a direct sales and marketing company of health and wellness nutraceutical products. There, once again, he was responsible for building and leading a sales and marketing force of more than 2,000 direct sales agents spanning North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

In 2006, Mark successfully sold his business with Xango LLC and re-entered the Telecommunications industry as General Manager of Sales & Marketing for 2020 Companies. As a world leading outsourced face-to-face direct sales & marketing company, 2020 offered best in class door-to-door, business-to-business retail staffing, and special event marketing services to Fortune 100 clients. In late 2008, JP Capital Partners and Golden Gate Capital jointly acquired 2020 Companies for approximately $148 Million.

During the second quarter of 2009, Cleveland legal professionals introduced Mark to Jack Craciun III, ITM Group Chairman / CEO, to learn about The First Dragon Ltd™ Global Chinese Cross Cultural News and Social Media Multi-Release Consumer Product Merchandising and Licensing Enterprise. The new global ITM production is designed to market the Culture of China throughout the world. After completing extensive research regarding the history of ITM accomplishments as well as studying the viability of ITM (US) proprietary businesses, Mark accepted the ITM Group invitation to become the Product & Licensing Sales Advisor of ITM (US) and its First Dragon Ltd. ™

Immediately upon acceptance, Mark and associates became vested members in the First Dragon Ltd™ Consumer Product and Intellectual Property Licensing Enterprise and presently hold two consumer product licenses.

Through the leadership and direction of Mr. Craciun during the third quarter of 2009, Mark founded the MCD Group, Ltd. The MCD Group was established to develop First Dragon™ consumer product licenses. MCD has now become a purposed-driven holding company of which Mark is Chairman & CEO. The purpose of the MCD Group is to align itself with the ITM Group and The First Dragon™ Ltd., assist in the global branding of The First Dragon™ Ltd. Intellectual Property, and offer consulting & advisory services as they pertain to ITM Group's international business developments & intellectual property licensing initiatives.

The MCD Group is also dedicated to increasing market share and optimizing revenue to a wide variety of industries through novel strategies and business development initiatives. Industry development focus includes, but is not limited to, communication technology development and transfer, strategic partnerships, domestic & international territory licensing, corporate consulting, distributorship marketing, specialized product brand packaging, sales team development, millennial marketing, and direct-to-consumer marketing & merchandising.

Mark has been a consummate entrepreneur, visionary leader, and angel investor focused on strategic marketing, business development of intellectual property (IP) based companies and vertical revenue generation for well over a decade. Each company's IP based initiatives are designed to enhance human consciousness in arenas of Education, Health & Wellness, Transformational & Personal Development Leadership, and Social Entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on the Millennial Market. What places Mark's entrepreneurial spirit & drive in the highest regard among his fellow associates is his dedication to guide his corporate affiliations into developing philanthropic 501(c)3 Charitable Foundations, to enhance the human condition within their enterprise communities.


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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