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Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Kenneth C. Krych has been President/CEO and Publisher of award winning Properties Magazine Inc. for the past eighteen years.  Properties Magazine is the oldest trade publication in the State of Ohio focusing on the best in architecture, building and real estate.  Most of his professional life has been in the print publishing industry and has been influenced by all forms of media.

Publishing, music composing, recording and broadcasting are his life’s focus. He received a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Kent State University (KSU) with a minor in music composition in 1973.   In early years, influenced by 1930’s recordings of his grandfather and two of his uncles he began music study and won a state championship at the age of nine for excellence as a beginner with more to follow.
Fascinated by broadcasting, he would listen to the likes of Bill Gordon and Alan Douglas on WERE talk radio late into the night, hiding his transistor radio under the pillow much to his parents dismay.  Ten years later he was heading up his own talk shows as the news director of WKSU in Kent State.  Having been present at the Kent State Shootings on May 4th 1970 he interviewed such people as Russell Means and Jane Fonda for his radio show.

While at WKSU, he got involved in alternative broadcasting and enjoyed introducing new progressive rock artists “discovered” at the time on the Fresh Air program, doing a daily news program and introducing NPR when it took over the time slot.   He was also tapped to write and produce a ten-part radio advertising spot campaign for the university prior to graduation.
After graduation he joined McGraw-Hill to write, record and produce an educational film entitled “Concept to Completion” which was shown nationally by the corporation as a guide to understanding developers in construction and how they work and produce large and important construction projects such as shopping malls and office parks.

As an accomplished pianist/keyboardist/composer he also established his own studio and has written seven albums worth of material the first being “The Nautilus Suite.”  Krych headed thirteen incarnations of his band Nautilus and over the years played with members of the groups he helped introduced at WKSU such as Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, The Moody Blues and Asia.  He now continues to compose and record at his home studio in Cleveland.

In 1981 he co-founded Construction News Service, Inc. (CNS) headquartered in Cleveland, and grew it to 72 employees. CNS published vital daily construction information to the industry from five offices covering many states. CNS was the first of its kind to successfully distribute construction report information via computer in 1987 prior to the Internet and was bought soon after by McGraw-Hill Inc.
Ken spent the next nine years as a publishing consultant helping to open offices for Construction Market Data in Atlanta, Georgia, covering a wide multi-state area, traveling and spending time in Indianapolis, Chicago and Minneapolis, MN. Over the years he has opened and managed twelve major centers.

A long time reader, former client and sometime writer for Properties Magazine, Ken purchased the publication in 1997 and took it to another level, introducing full color for the first time since 1946, producing a full digital version online, and increasing the magazine circulation six-fold.

Ken was on the Board of Directors for the Cleveland Executives Association for many years and has been on the Design Review Board for the AIA American Institute of Architecture,  judging the “winning awards of excellence” three times. He has been honored by the Building Enclosure Council in Cleveland and is a member of the Who’s Who National Register of executives and professionals. His firm, “Properties Magazine,” now interacts with forty-five major associations relating to property ownership and management, design, development, architecture, engineering and building.

Ken has traveled extensively throughout the US and to five continents, including China, where he met his wife Jing Liu. He was introduced to “China Specialist” Jack Craciun III, ITM (China), Chairman/CEO, by Ms. Pu Ying, publisher of the Erie Chinese Journal.  They soon found both their lives had influenced that of each other in many significant ways, and contributed directly to the global communication career of Craciun, although they had never actually met.  Upon learning about and researching the ITM (US) business interest to market Chinese Culture and history around the world via marketing a phantasmagoria of unique literature, fine art, Calligraphy, and music which merges Chinese traditional music with the music culture of The Rock & Roll Capitol of the World, Ken became a venture and advisor to The First Dragon™ Global Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange enterprise.


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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