David Van Horn


 David Blaine Van Horn

Social Media Content Production & Management Director and Global Business Advisor

David Blaine Van Horn was born in Sandusky, Ohio in 1957.  A graduate of Wittenberg University, David studied at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and Kent State University’s Geneva Switzerland School for International Studies. This experience was seminal in forming his career ambitions to work in global business.

David then moved to New York City to open new clients on behalf of an export management firm in Surbiton, Surrey UK, and became involved in a lobbying venture that promoted Scandinavian firms to Project Managers at the United Nations. This led to an opportunity in California to help turnaround AXXA, a business unit of LM Ericcson. A leader at the time in proprietary word processing systems, AXXA immersed Van Horn into high tech.

In 1985, David was hired by Tandon Disk Drives to help grow their IBM PC clone business.  As manager of their Association of Southeast Asian Nations market, he turned this into Tandon’s most profitable business unit. He was then recruited by Mitsui Petrochemical of Japan (MPC) in 1990 to head up their entry into the US market for optical disks which were exploding due to the need for vast storage of data with ‘real time’ access. Within 16 months, MPC’s manufacturing capacity was full of orders.

Following the collapse of the yen in 1991, MPC decided to exit the optical disk market. Now back in Ohio, David was chosen by Maxtor to lead their OEM Distribution. He subsequently was hired by Telxon to take over their Hand Held Bar Code scanning devices which were being integrated with 802.11 Wi-Fi radios.

Managing a $100 M line of products, David created and developed IP for Telxon and was awarded 4 US Patents Pending, and 3 EU. He developed and patented a complete system for automating grocery carts, which can be found in use in many European markets today, and he worked with in-vehicle systems and Wide Area Networks. In 1997, Telxon decided to consolidate HQ’s in Houston. As a Director, Van Horn was asked to move, but stayed put due to family obligations. Within months, David was working for RELTEC Services, placing him in the middle of the dot.com explosion. He grew his Aftermarket Services Business from $8M to $32M in 4 years, creating the first and largest industry service group in the process. Owned by KKR, RELTEC was taken through a series of mergers and acquisitions, and Van Horn was promoted to help integrate the various Services businesses globally.

In 2003 David founded Webwildcatting. Self-taught, he learned to build websites, market products, and eventually turned to consulting. While helping a non-profit, The Center for Leadership in Education, he sold them on the concept of delivering their content via the internet.  This spawned the idea for a software as a service offering which became “Prfessor.com.”  Van Horn then partnered with another colleague to use “Prfessor” to deliver “on-demand CPR” and other State of Ohio mandated courses for professionals in day care, teaching and child care.

David has been twice recognized by the Business Advisors of Cleveland as their Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2007, he received an award for KidBookInk LLC, a publishing venture that began his foray into self-publishing.  David created The Cleveland Writers MeetUP Group, and by focusing on helping writers advance in publishing, the ranks have steadily increased to nearly 800 members. In 2014, in concert with a business partner, David founded Cleveland Writers Press, Inc. to bring the Writer Group member’s content to market.

David has now developed “MeasureUP! Coaching Systems,” a subscription based behaviour modification platform marketed to those who help others make positive changes in their lives. It is unique in that it delivers daily prompts to the client’s mobile device, and upon engaging with the prompts, data is collected, calculated, and reported to a “coach,” providing the missing link of “evidence based outcome” which has been difficult and costly to obtain.

In 2015 Dave met ITM Chairman & CEO Jack Craciun III to discuss ITM’s interest in obtaining creative writers for its “The First Dragon™ Ltd. Global Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange” enterprise.  They recognized a powerful mutual benefit for Cleveland Writers Press, Webwildcatting, and ITM to work together, as Van Horn recognized that the powerful global branding and marketing tools of ITM’s The First Dragon™ Enterprise could help him achieve his long term global business initiatives, brings digital marketing and high tech application development skills to ITM’s deep base of Intellectual Property content productions and international marketing and financial engineering expertise.  David is now a Founder and Board of Advisors Member of The First Dragon™ Ltd.


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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