Darren Anthony


ITM (US) Producer, Lyricist, Author, Composer


Darren Anthony is evolving into a “Man for All Seasons” of American music and entertainment with a global twist. Born in the Rock and Roll Capital of the World, his natural artistic instinct has driven him to advance Cleveland’s global musical legacy with a unique musical Cross Cultural Exchange.  Darren is merging his modern music cultures with Chinese culture and history to enhance the future of modern music in global terms.

In 2011, Anthony was introduced to ITM, a company known for its legacy of broadcast and entertainment business pioneering throughout America, Europe and Asia.  Upon studying ITM’s The First Dragon™ Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange Enterprise, Darren learned that China is now recognized as the New Number Two Economy on Earth; that fifty percent of the world’s 7 billion population is under the age of 30; that in-fact, very few people on earth, if any; understand the creation story of Chinese Culture and the evolution of its history.

Upon studying ITM (China)’s decades of pioneering, research and development of newsworthy consumer product lines and intellectual properties, and the value of delivering it all to a new globe of “connected” humanity, Darren was compelled to join with broadcasting and entertainment industry veteran, and China Specialist, Jack Craciun III, & ITM Ltd, to tell China’s story in harmony with ours through the “phantasmagoric” News and Social Media enterprise of The First Dragon™ Ltd.

Dedicating his life to pursuing a music career that transcends cultural boundaries, Darren joined ITM to write lyrics and lyric manuscripts, arrange vocals, and co-produce The First Dragon Music Suite™ of eleven songs. The First Dragon Music Suite,™ for the first time in history, tells the birth story of China’s culture and its evolving history through the mythology and lore of the Dragon, while successfully merging Cleveland’s multi-cultural modern music with Chinese traditional instruments and language themes to deliver a new spirit, energy, and brand, of Rock & Roll, never before felt or heard.

Anthony is also Co-Producer of the Made in Cleveland (TBT) ™ album by Electrikk Sparks and featuring “Dr. Phrock and The Children of the Rhyme.” Made in Cleveland (TBT) ™ contains eight new songs that merge the beat and vibe of Cleveland’s Rock & Roll legacy with the spirit of China. Title song “Made in Cleveland™” delivers the heart, soul and spirit of ITM’s dedication to transcend cultural boundaries and promote a mutual understanding of cultures through education and entertainment in its “The First Dragon™ Global Chinese Cross Cultural Exchange” Enterprise.

A self-taught musician, producer, composer, writer and vocalist, Darren has chosen ITM’s critical expertise as a global entrepreneurial leader to establish the ITM/ Darren Anthony Production Group Ltd. Strategic Alliance to advance his interest to transcend cultural boundaries through music, The alliance is designed to guide the early-stage developments of his company in the areas of music, creative direction, production and consulting, resulting in a global recognition and economic reward generator.

Anthony has now delivered a CLE attitude while establishing himself as a creative force capable of producing intellectual property relevant to globally diverse cultural demographics with the release of the seventh studio album of Platinum-selling rapper Fabolous, and through his Strategic Alliance with ITM, Ltd.:  Anthony has achieved his first major music industry song placement for writing "We Good," featuring platinum selling rapper Rich Homie Quan on Young OG Project. Garnering more than 6.6 million listens and views on internet broadcasting and social media sites since its release, the delivery of its positive message, Crime Doesn’t Pay, defines the collective contributions of ITM’s global team of leaders who are united to deliver powerful newsworthy and positive messages to enhance the lives of a globe of humanity.


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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