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Link: The Hidden Curriculum - The Dr. Rubin Cockrell Story // Link: The Gathering – Achieving Your Vision - by Dr. Rubin Cockrell

Dr. Rubin Cockrell is an International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Professor. Dr. Cockrell serves as CEO of Positive Images & Associates, a global firm that specializes in educational leadership, empowerment, and management consulting for clients in over forty-five countries around the world. In his role with the Nashville, TN based company, he trains global business leaders, college students, government entities and church groups to implement tools for achieving excellence and quality productivity within their personal lives and in organizations around the world. Dr. Cockrell is also a Certified Mediator.

Before launching Positive Images & Associates, Dr. Cockrell spent years gaining experience in his field by working with churches, businesses, and educational institutions around the United States. It was through these experiences that he developed a special interest in exposing youth and adults to goal setting techniques and interpersonal development skills.

At age 20, Rubin was on the verge of being incarcerated for fifteen to twenty years of federal time for illegal activities. By age 26, however, he had earned four degrees, became Dean of a university and started a global consulting company. Today Dr. Cockrell prides himself in the ability to work with people from the “street to the elite” and the “classroom to the boardroom”.

After graduating from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business, with an emphasis on Finance and Management, Rubin received a Masters in Educational Administration (M. Ed.) from the Tennessee State University. He was awarded the distinguished Southern Regional Educational Board Doctoral Scholars Fellowship, and subsequently made history at Tennessee State University by being the youngest candidate to receive a doctoral degree. He also received certification in leadership management in a joint partnership between Harvard and Strayer Universities.

Dr. Cockrell’s book, The Hidden Curriculum: Life Lessons You Won‟t Learn in a Classroom is currently represented in businesses, government, the Armed Forces and educational sectors within forty-five countries around the world and is still growing. He currently is teaching a course based on his book to future entrepreneurs who are inmates in a correctional facility. In addition, he co-author of the Leah and Rob early childhood education book series which focuses on equipping children of all ethnicities and backgrounds with the tools they need to advance the ability to comprehend and, in turn, become our future Rising Leaders. Dr. Cockrell currently serves on the White House My Brother’s Keeper Presidential Task Force & Stem Initiative project to create opportunities for minority boys to become 21st Century Global Leaders.

Rubin is a true, modern & refreshing, global trailblazer of empowerment for youth and adults, demonstrating a caliber of integrity and character in leadership and example, in action, well beyond his years. He is determined and succeeding to be a true change-agent in society by striving to deliver a positive legacy built on education. From a humble beginning, he has grown through earned education into a teacher, humanitarian and global business developer.

In 2014, ITM Group Associate Antwain Thomas introduced Dr. Cockrell to Jack Craciun III, Chairman/CEO of ITM (China) Ltd. and ITM (US) Ltd. The two men instantly connected, recognizing their shared commitment to, and success in, enhancing the human condition around the world, one person at a time, through entrepreneurial enterprise, their example, and a concomitant purpose to educate.

Upon completing ITM due diligence, studying its global focus and that of “The First Dragon™” Global Cross-Cultural Exchange Enterprise, Dr. Cockrell accepted Jack and Antwain’s invitation to join the ITM (US) Board of Advisors and stated, “In the cross-cultural platform of ITM and “The First Dragon™” lies the opportunity for the human race to „unlearn learned misconceptions‟ of Western and Eastern cultures simultaneously.” “Our global purpose is to educate, enrich and empower people‟s lives by overcoming ignorance and thereby the fear it breeds into prejudice.”

Dr. Cockrell realized he could be a significant force to help deliver ITM’s global platform to promote mutual understanding of cultures through education when he learned that ITM had again developed a uniquely sophisticated and newsworthy global media programing concept within market and demographic environs complementary to the global branding interest of his company, Positive Images & Associates.


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