Geoff Bond


Mr. Geoffrey C. Bond

UK/EU Representative & Business Affairs Advisor FeelGood Experience™ Ltd, Chairman / CEO


Geoffrey Bond was born in East London in 1960 above his Grandfather’s shop in Forest Gate.  Both a proud father of three and grandfather of three, he lives with Oksana, his wife and business partner of 11 years, in Benfleet, Essex, England.

Geoff is an accomplished professional, specializing for 40 years in sales and marketing within several UK industries. Proficient in all areas of marketing and selling, business development and servicing of key accounts, he has developed strong negotiation skills in managing budgets, purchasing and compiling services and products, and consulting and delivering on-time requirements of many projects. 

After leaving The King John School and College in 1976, Geoff joined his father’s company, Bondlabels, Ltd., a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive labels for the paper and printing industry throughout the UK and Europe. Although Geoff began his 10 year career on the shop floor, he worked up to UK Sales and Marketing Director.

A change in career was overdue, and combined with a passion to be his own boss, Geoff soon became a pioneer in mobile technologies, and an early buyer and seller of mobile phones. In 1986, he operated the first mobile technology retailer in Essex County and one of just a handful throughout London.

A born entrepreneur, Geoff started a second business in 1986. Logistics had played a large part in his young life and knew well the potential rewards of operating a modern reliable haulage business within the paper and print industry. For the next 18 years, Geoff built up well respected haulage and storage companies across the UK, including Greyhound Transport Ltd. and Hadleigh Haulage and Hire.

In 2005, while smartphones were still in their infancy and mobile applications unheard of, Geoff realized that a focus to combine creative marketing strategy with soon-to-arrive mobile technologies, working in tandem with territorial licensing programming and an experienced management team would surely produce the perfect recipe to deliver a multi-beneficial marketing platform that could be sold globally.

After years of research that included long spells based in Kiev, Ukraine analyzing technologies with some of the most powerful and creative minds of the time, Geoffrey began the development of his first test model, namely CLUB 500.

Designs and technologies were produced by Geoffrey and his team. Their first mobile app, DC500, was developed and tested in beta and made available in iOS and Android. In 2013, restaurants, pubs and bars in London and Manchester were targeted to participate, and within a 4-week period a total of 200 (their targeted test number) had confirmed a commitment to annual participation. Success had been confirmed and within budget. Now rebranded, and soon to be powered by Flok Technologies, FeelGood Experience™ is a new platform that combines mobile technologies with strategic marketing to increase consumer engagement in markets around the world.

In 2010, Geoff met Jack Craciun III, Chairman and CEO of ITM (China) Ltd. and ITM (US) Ltd. and, since that time, a strong and mutually beneficial friendship and business relationship has developed which has established symbiotic business relationship that benefits both of their respective global projects.  Geoff recognized the trendsetting global broadcasting background of Mr. Craciun, the branding and marketing expertise of ITM and the unique global branding and product merchandising viabilities of The First Dragon™ Enterprise will help him achieve the global potentials of FeelGood Experience™ and his long-term business interests. In early 2015, Geoff was pleased to accept ITM’s invitation to become the ITM Ltd. (Group) UK/EU Business Affairs Advisor.

Along with being Geoffrey’s key consultant, Jack is Director of FeelGood Experience™ International Business Development and Chairman of the Board of Advisors. The ITM / Legion Inc. Strategic Alliance is the Global Territory Licensee that will establish Master Territory Licenses for FeelGood Experience™. ITM’s “The First Dragon™ Ltd. Global Cross Cultural Enterprise” is the global branding and consumer product and intellectual property marketing company of choice by FeelGood Experience™.


A Hong Kong registered company originally founded in 1984, maintains four wholly-owned, mutually complementary specialist operations.


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